Geography, people and culture

This is what we are talking about Bhutan, where people    have drawn a rich culture from heritage and made it the essence of their unique identity and main goal in life is happiness. As mystical as its name may sound, the Land of Thunder Dragon (Bhutan) is an existing culture and possibly the last living example of a rich Himalayan society. You may never find a more enlightening travel destination today on earth than the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Perched high on the mighty Himalayan mountain ranges, this tiny kingdom has defied globalization and chosen to remain a hidden paradise, accessible only by few fortunate and nature lovers.

Natural Beauty

Bhutan is marked by raw natural beauty where the dense foliage changes dramatically as sub tropical jungles at the sea level merge into a fertile temperate zone and rise up to the great northern glaciers. This pristine environment is home to exotic wildlife and is home for endangered species like the Black-necked Cranes, the Blue Sheep and Golden Langur. There are more than 5,500 species of vascular plants, more than 770 species of avifauna and more than 165 species of mammals many of them endemic to Bhutan. The large forested tracts of country provide shelter to many plants and animals and in recent years , evidence is beginning to show that many animals have chosen to shelter in Bhutan. This is a place on earth that even the most seasoned travelers consider a privilege to visit. Although Bhutan is voted one of the world’s top travel destinations, very few make.

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Erika & Krisztian
Erika & KrisztianHungary
We would like to thank you for arranging our very unique and fantastic visit in Bhutan. Soedhar Bhutan Travels (Travel Agency) was a great choice and we are very happy that we came to know your agency.From the 1st day of our queries / concerns you provided us promptly with all the needed information. The paperwork / visa / flights / hotels were arranged well on time. The guide Anil and the driver were very warm and punctual every day. They drove us safe and our guide explained a lot about the history, country and religion about everything we could imagine.All in all we did not have to worry about a thing. Thanks to you and your agency. We really enjoyed our stay in your “Happy” country and hope to return soon.
Jania Brache
Jania BracheRepublic of Dominica
Bhutan is a must-see gem. Its beautiful, pristine scenery, the pure kindness of the locals, and their unique heritage… it will all captivate you. And Soedhar Bhutan Travels ensured that every moment was memorable through a personalized cultural immersion program into this magical land. The tour was fantastic and impeccably planned: the hotels, the food, the schedule… everything!Some of my favorites: the view from Tiger’s Nest Monastery, a forest picnic following the sheer beauty of the monks dancing at the Paro Tshechu Festival, Dochu La and stunning 360 degree panoramic view of Himalayan mountain range, the majestic Buddha Dordenma Statue and monument… and on and on, all the way accompanied by a fantastic guide and driver, thank you Oneak and Sangay!
TeamSoedhar Bhutan Travels
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