Bhutan Today

Bhutan remains a unique and special country, but for better or worse, the country has opened its doors and hearts to outside and joined the global community. There is now at least one mobile phone for every two Bhutanese and there are more than 63,000registered vehicles. The challenge ahead for the government is to bring the benefits of globalization and capitalism to Bhutan without undermining the very things that Bhutanese cherish about their unique culture.

Knowing about Bhutan

Currency:Ngultrum (Nu)


Visas:   Visas are arranged by our tour company and issued on arrival only to those on prepaid all-inclusive tour

Money: Tours are prepaid so you will only need money for drinks, souvenirs and tips; for this bring cash only. ATMs are reliable in Thimphu only. Credit cards accepted in some souvenir shops.

Mobile phones: As long as your phone is unlocked you can buya B-mobile or Tashi Cell sim cardfor both local and international use and top it up with prepaid cards.

Time: Bhutan Time (GMT/ UTC plus six hours 30 minutes later than India and 15 minutes later than Nepal).