Lhuntse Valley

Lhuntse District is one of the 20 dzongkhag (districts) comprising Bhutan. It consists of 2506 households. Located in the northeast, Lhuntse is one of the least developed dzhongkhags of Bhutan. There are few roads, the first gas station was opened in September 2005, electricity is not well distributed, and the difficult terrain makes distribution of social welfare problematic. Despite its favourable climate, farming is hindered by the lack of infrastructure.


A statue of Padmasambhava in the form of Guru Nangsi Zilnoen is being built in Takela, Lhuntse in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Bhutan to bring peace and harmony to the world as prophesied by Lord Buddha and the Great Dzogchen masters. The statue will stand 148 feet tall including 30 foot high lion throne and 17 foot high lotus seat.


Lhuntse is culturally part of eastern Bhutan. The languages and lifestyle of its inhabitants may be contrasted against the dominant western Ngalop culture. This region is renowned as a textiles producing region and as the ancestral homeland of the Bhutanese royal family.